“Blonde” is not a one-size-fits all hair color. It takes true craftsmanship on the part of the stylist to consider each client’s undertones, hair health, desired blonde level, lifestyle and level of maintenance commitment. With Keune’s new and extended Ultimate Blonde range, stylists can be the Ultimate Blonde specialist. The blonde possibilities are endless.


Keune has a specific product for up to eight levels of lift. Each level is formulated with low ammonia and nourishing silk and wheat proteins. The new Ultimate Power Blondelifting powder is able to achieve the same lifting as cream bleach in up to 15 minutes less during a full processing time, which equates to up to 33-percent faster lifting!


Lifting comes first, of course, to create that perfectly primed canvas. Creating the right tone comes second, sealing the deal on your masterpiece. Keune’s new Ultimate Blonde Toners are made  to deliver perfectly toned end results to make blonde hair really pop. The following new trend shades are offered: 

• 9.25 (a combination of pearl and mahogany) is a romantic rose gold shade 

• 9.27 (pearl and violet) gives extremely cool results 

• 9.31 (gold and ash) adds a special iridescent glow 

The result of utilizing Ultimate Blonde products is that your customer will feel safe putting her blonde strands in the hands of a true Keune blonde expert. Every blonde wish is your command!